Sunday, July 14, 2013

Baby goats

Sometimes baby goats are easier to watch than BB. I can watch this clip over and over.

I found BB a bit hard to watch with all the mean girl activity. Though I did think it funny that Howard couldn't even throw the have not competition. And rather odd that GM was blowing her nose on the departed Nicks shorts. I wonder what he thinks of all that?

With only a one day weekend I think I accomplished a lot. James' room clean. I cleaned the interior of the car. Cleaned the bathrooms and vacuumed.

The crank on one of the windows seems to have broken (probably the metal is stripped) so I was wrestling with it and Kassandra was on top of the cabinet beside me watching. I decided to take off the screen, which spooked her a bit so she flew in the living room and landed on the floor. I let her be as I was working on the window and she padded around a bit. I thought she would just fly back to her cage when she was ready, but no, she waited until I was done then she padded over to me. I knelt down and she padded onto my hand. Apparently human transport was preferable to self-flight!


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