Sunday, February 10, 2013

looking for peace

I remembered I had to write some emails before I left for Rustle but they took me longer than I planned so I was running late as I shot out the door. I was moving at double time because I knew I had a lot of time to make up.
I get one block and there is Peggy standing on a street corner looking more than a little frozen. She's been waiting a while for her ride. I tell her if I get there first I will send someone for her.
I had carefully planned out my route due to missing sidewalks but I made multiple errors in my plan and it took me longer than I planned.
Concession was in better shape than usual though.
At Rustle, babies that never cry, cried. Things fell over, children were distracting.
And the day just continued this way.
Looking for peace and it just being a step away.

The closest that peace came was in the song Sam played "Walk with me"

They haven't caught the LA police guy they have been on a manhunt for. I think he's winning in what his goal was at least.

There is a space rock that is going to come close to the Earth on Friday. Nothing to worry about NASA says. But has NASA been wrong before? I can think of 3 times off the top of my head.


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