Thursday, December 06, 2012

All fall down

The smoke tree outside my parent's kitchen window was snowing down the leaves today. Quite a sight to watch! Junkos in the backyard too- migrating maybe.

James and I arrived on Tuesday. We took the megabus through the rain. We were sitting on the top and the wind howled around us. Lots of legroom on the megabus- it was a very good experience! When we were pulling into TO, James was so excited he said he could "smell St. C from here". We dragged the crazy heavy luggage around the bus terminal. James went in the bathroom and when he came out he said I could go. I asked him if he was sure? He said yes, he has a yellow belt. We then hauled the luggage up the stairs as the escalator wasn't working. We got on the St. C bus, which had far less legroom than the megabus. There was a fight between girls behind up, claimed that one had disrespected the other by putting her seat down too far. Generally the trips are more mild mannered than that so it was surprising. James didn't notice though- he was too excited!

When we pulled into St. C he handed me his bags so he could "run and hug Oma". Which he did. And I waddled after.

He's been working on his studies with Oma. He still has lots of ants in his pants but they are doing pretty well.

Right now he's playing chess with Grandad and we are going to have souvlaki for dinner.

Yesterday I got to relax and read "The secret life of Bees".


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