Thursday, May 21, 2015

Reality evening

Hot dogs and chips for dinner. Reality TV all night.

On BB I was surprised that the showmances seem more show than mance. Ashleigh will take the win unless they stop her, I think.

I was happy with the final 3 on survivor and happy with the winner. Closure to my tv watching.

Lunch with Tanya tomorrow and planning SOAR.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


On Sunday after Rustle I saw a burgundy car going full speed south down Cowdy. It didn't stop at the stop sign at Stephen St., it didn't even slow down. And I would say that it was going well over the speed limit. Luckily, there were no cars on Stephen St otherwise there certainly would have been a bad accident! But the streets in that area are not very flat so there was a big scraping noise once the car cleared Stephen St. as there was an bump in Cowdy St. I could see a big scrape in the pavement when I walked by shortly after. Clearly a driver who should not be on the road though!

James rearranged his bedroom and he is pleased as punch with it.

We also had a very funny conversation as he said that some of his friends has girlfriends. They don't seem to last long though. I told him he was too young! He disagreed but maybe agreed.

He is working on a stress management project right now.

Monday, May 18, 2015


Maintaining the dandelions is certainly less stressful than the attack. I culled the herd again today with about the same size pile as yesterday and managed to squeeze them into the green bin. When you are maintaining you are coming at it from a position of victory. Because I know I have defeated them! But my front yard is a loss as I have not yet started the attack there.

Today now I have to prioritize my cleaning of the house. I am not sure if I am coming at this from victory or not yet!

Last night I changed my mind and made tacos. So homemade pizza tonight. And the B'ette starts!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Green bin

After waging much war on the dandelions, the green bin is completely full. The backyard is mostly won, just maintenance on new ones that pop up. (Took about 1/2 hour today) The front yard is a loss in that respect. I need the green bin to be emptied before I can begin that attack and recycling day will be late due to the holiday.

James' arm is doing much better!

This morning I put on a sweater out of habit but when I left the house I realized I dressed inappropriately and I had to go back and change.

Fantastic Rustle service with Todd. Meeting Sophie afterwards was a great bonus!

Saturday, May 16, 2015


James' arm was still hurting yesterday but was feeling better in the afternoon.

I went shopping in the morning. First to Loblaws. There were no signs up indicating the holiday hours, which I thought was strange as normally stores here do that. I checked online and they are listed as closed on Monday.

Then I went to Giant Tiger and was surprised to see they are open on Monday. They are normally closed even if others are open. John's is also open on Monday.

I am planning leftovers today, pizza tomorrow. I might make tossed lasagna on Monday but I would need a trip to Food Basics first, so we'll see- maybe later in the week.

My baby tomato plants survived the night!

Kim is coming over soon to work on pie graphs for a project for her horse course.

Friday, May 15, 2015


I have 2 aggressive techniques against dandelions going on.
In the backyard I use the weed puller contraption until I get tired and then pull by hand. This leaves the backyard in good shape until tomorrow when a large number will again rear their heads:

My technique for the front yard is just to mow them down. This is because the backyard has worn me out will the pulling and the neighbour grows them, so it is a loosing battle.

Paula brought me some tomato seedlings which I planted.
Plot before:

I dug up the plot and put the tiny seedlings in and watered them.

They are pretty tiny so hard to see but I will update with more pictures.
There is supposed to be rain soon.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Skunk storm

One night this week at 3am the neighbours dogs must have encountered a skunk. There was barking and then the skunk smell and then quiet. The skunk smell was still in the house when I got home from work. But that night there was a big thunderstorm to keep me awake. I think it washed away the skunk smell though.

James managed to play months of hockey with nary an injury but 2 days of playing soccer and he is on the injury list. He sprained his left wrist when Duncan kicked the ball at him. I guess pretty hard.