Saturday, August 01, 2015

culture shock

We had some wonderful days hiking in Algonquin thanks to my parents. I fell asleep each night with the fresh air of Algonquin on my face.

Then we drove 5 hours to Brossard for a soccer tournament and the culture shock is real. From being with nature which is on the whole rather quiet to a hotel full of soccer children which is certainly a lot louder than nature! I am hoping for some sleep tonight!

James' team tied their two games today. Tomorrow they play Wexler which has trounced the teams they tied 6-0 and 6-1, so that should be a challenge for them! The boys are playing well and James seems to be having a good time. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

when you walk into the room

A busy day. One day of work this week before vacation!


Have been enjoying this song since going to see A Chorus Line:

James and Jonathan played all day. Went to shinny. One kid poked his stick at James during the game. James took off with the stick. Was pretty funny.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The return

I picked James up at camp today. He wasn't too happy because his team had lost the finale game but he settled back in pretty quickly.

We had a lovely steak dinner to celebrate and I baked brownies.

I went shopping in the morning and ran into Gloria and Peggy. There weren't many cashiers in Food Basics and things were pretty backed up.

blue canoe

Wed night on the way to Battery park

Our biowall at work is done

Last night I went to see the Blue Canoe production of "A Chorus Line". It was a lot of fun.

I worked late yesterday so that I could take today off (Worked late both Mon and Thurs).

This morning I need to pick up some things for a special meal as James returns from hockey camp!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day of enrolling

Yesterday I began the task of enrolling the first year class. I managed to get that done late and then went in early this morning to double check everything and send the email notifications off. Now I'm working on squeezing in upper year students.

I left work early because I got in so early and went and got my hair cut. Chris and Kim (not my Kim, Kim from Rustle) we there as well. Kim was completely transformed- it was pretty amazing. I just got a trim so it doesn't look much different.

Tomorrow evening I am going to prayer in the park and Thursday to see A Chorus Line (some of my students are putting it on)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day of Soccer

Today I got up at 4am (no reason, I just woke up) I got James up at 6am because he said he had to be at the soccer field for a tournament at 7am. He was wrong, it was 7:30.
So we were there early.


They won that game and then got better all day during the blazing heat. The highlight was the finale against Welland. All of the games we pretty close but the finale they scored early. And that team noone has scored on yet in the tournament. James' team was very strong and the parents of the opposing team started to make loud angry comments to the ref. They were also berating the children instead of encouraging them. They were getting desperate as the game was getting toward the end. The ref confronted them. They quieted down a bit but then the ref made a call they didn't agree with and they lost it and yelled nasty things at the ref. The ref went to the coach of that team and told them either to remove the parents or the game was over. The parents got evicted, still spouting angry thoughts. It's just a game people.

After the ceremony we raced to get ready for his hockey camp (we only had 1/2 hour)

We made it. His roommate it names Tim and seemed like a nice guy. They were both pretty shy though. Hope it is a great week for him. I am looking forward to going to sleep early!

Summer Orientation Day 2

Day 2 was a busy one. I did my shopping at Loblaws before I headed to work. Before our orientation program ran I worked on clearing through my email and setting up for the block load.
By the time I fell into bed I was exhausted. So you would think I would sleep for a long time? No, I was up at 4am.
James has a soccer game at 8am and needs to be there for 7am so really useful that I am up so early I guess.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer Orientation Day 1

Today's orientation went very well. Met lots of nice people. Scavenger hunt ran well. Rain held off.

It is very chilly here- I am wearing a sweater. But St. Catharines has a heat warning. What a difference a few hundred km make!

Day 2 is tomorrow.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

4 hours

Last night I went with Sophie and Sharon to pray in Victoria and Churchill Parks. What is nice when you go to specifically pray for an area you notice a lot more about the area that you don't see on the casual glance. We noted that it looked like an old road ran through Victoria Park (I looked it up on old maps and this was true in the 70s), the way that the trees were planted we noted was systematic and even though I walk through it every day I hadn't really noticed that. Also, they didn't open the wading pool this year and it was very overgrown. (I learned after that the City is planning on doing renovations this summer, though there is no sign of it yet!)

Last night I only got 4 hours of sleep because one of the neighbours had a failed newspaper delivery! There was a loud bang and then I heard the delivery person get out of the car and have to re-throw it, then drive away.

I took a bit of a nap when James went to soccer practice!