Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In between

Yesterday marked the 2 year anniversary of the death of Omi and tomorrow marks the birthday of Archer. Walking the inbetween today.

Today I had lots of interviews so that took up a lot of my time. Tomorrow I hope to get a lot done. I'm kind of stuck on a couple of things. I can't register more transfer students because all the transfer credits aren't in the system. I can't finish the rescheduling for orientation session because I don't have the room grids that I need. What I will focus on tomorrow is setting up the hiring plan, which is like a giant puzzle that I have to fit together and hope that everything works! And work on a training plan. And updating course websites.

The ants are trying to recover from the shock and awe so I may have to launch a second wave. Then I hope to add dirt and plant grass.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Shock and awe

This morning I had enough of the giant ant hill at the end of the garden and I poured several litres of boiling water on it and then dug it up. So now I have a giant hole in my back yard. The ant hill has been there since we moved in but just today I had it and the shock and awe campaign began.

As I finished that up I realized that the tree that my laundry line goes under had grown down and entangled itself in the laundry line. So I hacked the overhanging branches down.

A fairly destructive start to the morning.

Also in the morning I did something productive and worked on a recipe for Cornflake Marshmallow cookies that Kim B. had posted. They have to spend some time in the fridge which is where they are now. Hope they turn out well!

I finished 2 books yesterday and they both had unwrapped up endings. In "Happiness sold separately" as the story ends you don't really know how the characters are going to carry on, which direction they are going to go. In the Hanne Wilhemsen mystery, the reader seems to be able to understand who the killer is but the police convict what seems to the reader the incorrect person. And the incorrect person pleads guilty and then it ends. So that was interesting at least. Not what you expect in either case.

At Rustle, Christine asked for prayer as they found more tumors on her spine. I had been thinking about her a lot this week. If you can pray or help her out in any way as her mobility is getting more limited she would appreciate it.

Then Paul spoke and as part of his sermon used this scripture.

Galatians 5:19-21New International Version (NIV)

19 The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; 20 idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions 21 and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Which apparently was a bit controversial because someone wanted to know what was wrong with witchcraft. I guess it wasn't as obvious as the writer of Galatians thought!

This evening I'm hoping to watch the live stream of Kim's Church.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


I feel like I'm a hamster running in a giant ball of chaos!

Yesterday I had a bunch of meetings during the day so I didn't actually get to start my "work" until near the end of the day so it was a long day.

This morning I finished the book I got out of the library yesterday. "Happiness Sold Separately" by Lolly Winston. All of the characters in the book are looking for something but none in the right places. Now I am back to my Hanne Willemsen crime novel (nordic crime!).

It feels like fall. It was so overcast today I couldn't hang my laundry. I finished mowing the lawn just as drops of rain started to fall. Should I dig out the hats and mitts?

Thursday, August 14, 2014


When I took my shower this morning, my lips started burning. It was really weird. Like I was allergic to the water? I ate nothing different beforehand. (a yogurt and some Welch's fruit bags) I had been in the garden previously, maybe I touched something there and touched my lips? I washed my hands as soon as I got in from the garden. Very bizarre.

Apparently summer got up and left today. It was very cold. I am not ready to begin Fall so soon especially when we have 10 months of winter. I guess I don't get a vote though!

I had a vacation day today and got some shopping done. I had to get some presents and I tried on some dresses. I found one dress that I really liked the colours of. It was on a sale rack for $30 but it was a size 10 and normally I am a size 6. However, the cut of the dress was a bit smaller than a 10 and it looked just perfect for me so I'm glad I didn't pass it up just because it said it was a size outside of what I expected.

I went to a Target for the first time in my life. It was a lot like the Zellers that was there before but was better stocked in some things and less well stocked in others. I found raisins dipped in orange creme coating in little boxes like the raisin lunch boxes that I get for James.

I went to the library by the Cat center as I had never been inside it before. It has a very interesting layout. I always enjoy libraries. I found an interesting book and sat in a very comfortable chair overlooking a lovely view. Now I have 2 books on the go though. And another book I reserved come in. When it rains, it pours!

What I noted when I went to the Cat Center is that there are a lot of people groups there that I don't interact with all that often. The people I interact with most are people at work and our students and the people at Church. But none of these encompass to a large degree what I observed at the mall, which was mainly elderly people and teenagers. My students are close to teenagers but are more mature as they are on the old end of the teenage hood spectrum so not really so much anymore at least in their mannerisms- they aren't so silly. It was like I was observing another culture! And I'll have one living in my house soon. For now he's just a tween though.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I finished the book "They left us everything" which had a lot to do with the author untangling herself from her past and her family. It was interesting to hear how different people reacted to situations. For instance she found her mother to be over-involved in her life (hence the de-tangling) and she finds it was likely a reaction to her grandmother being more of an absentee mother. And so it swings from side to side instead of landing in the middle.

Yesterday I worked late and went to a prayer meeting with Joanne and Bonnie. It was a good time!

Work yesterday had me thinking something like this:

We still have too many students and I was counting on an update coming today and it did, but it didn't help at all as we are still way too high. 2 weeks until scramble mode. It's not that we don't want people to come, but we want the right people to come. Last year there were some people who really weren't ready and should have waited another year before attending.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

big dig

The big dig was quiet today but my parents certainly couldn't have driven to the Econolodge!


On Saturday when I made all the beds, I said to myself, it is summer and I don't need to put the comforter on. This was a big mistake as I woke at 5am FROZEN. I will not make that mistake again. It went down to 13 degrees overnight.

Another mistake I made was about the lemonade. It grew on me and was really ok. I've had an allergy thing going on which leaves my throat really scratchy and I'm pretty thirsty. But now I've finished the lemonade even if it was inferior I'm wishing I had more.

At Rustle Al spoke about the passage from Matt 14 where the disciples go ahead in a boat and there is a storm and Jesus comes by in the storm and Peter walks out on the water. Peter sinks when he stops focusing on Jesus and looks at the storm instead. And sometimes Peter gets a bad rap because Jesus chided him for doubting. But Peter got out of the boat. And Peter learned a lesson. It can be hard to get out of the boat. I know it's a challenge for me.

On my way home, I had this song going through my head- from the 80s I think

I didn't remember it was Whitney until I looked it up. And it was Whitney's birthday yesterday, if she had been alive to celebrate it at least.

I was going to watch Big brother at 8pm but there is only teen choice awards and golf, bb has been delayed. I can't stay up until 10 so I'll go to bed soon.

Saturday, August 09, 2014


James: When I grow up I'm going to have a big beard like Grandad! Look at my moustache so far. I strain my eyes but agree that it looks like there is something there (There doesn't)

James slept in this morning after a week of 6:30ams for hockey camp. The princess st. dig started whamming at 7am. They were super busy there today. I wonder if they are behind and so they've started working Saturday or if it was planned. James slept in to 8:30am and then went off to a soccer tournament.

Super sunny day- on my 3rd load of laundry hanging outside!

Giant tiger didn't have any "Simply Lemonade" so I had to buy a "summer sun" lemonade or some thing like that. It doesn't compare at all, I don't think I'll buy it again unless I am lemonade desperate!