Sunday, July 27, 2014

walk down memory lane

While James was at soccer practice at Max Jackson, I snapped these pictures. Apparently north of us got hail from these clouds. The weather webpage says that the thunderstaorm watch for Kingston is over, but if you look on the radar it looks like a big one heading this way still. Hope I sleep through it!

While James practiced I walked the old neighbourhood and thought of all the memories in that area. A walk down memory lane!

Hockey camp

James' team won the camp cup!

James made a friend in Jay and wants to be in his group next year.

Brian has been his mentor since last camp. Said his skills had improved a lot over the year!

James in his camp room (dorm room)

goodbye solar house, hello parking!



During the week

Storm in a sleepover

James had his friend Jonathan over for a sleepover last night. He said they would be in bed by 9pm but it was more like 10pm. James was pretty wound up so they didn't get to sleep until about 10:30pm.
Then at 3:30am a big storm rolled in and we were all up until 4am. Pretty memorable sleepover!
They were up at 6:30am and are playing downstairs now.
I'm going to cook up some bacon for breakfast.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

back on form

I picked up James from his hockey camp yesterday. Everyone was really impressed with how he had improved with his skills. They had a lot of camp fun as well playing games. It reminded me of my childhood camps though we slept in tents and had to use an outhouse whereas he sleeps in an air conditioned room with a personal washroom. No bonfires though!

He said he "tried new things" at the camp and that meant he ate salad with his pasta.

Then in the evening I went to Mady's concert with Karen and Madeline. Madeline drove. Karen hadn't told her where it was so we took a long route to get there.

Her concert was awesome! I especially liked one of the songs she wrote herself and I thought her voice was very well suited for the "walk 500 miles" song. She is a very accomplished young lady!

I saw Lisa there and she said she hadn't seen me in so long she wondered if I was mad at her. But no, I'm just busy! We're planning on lunch together in a week or so. I've missed her!

When we were about to leave one lady asked if Madeline could drive her mother home. Of course Madeline being the nice person that she is said yes. But Karen was talking to someone and so we couldn't leave right away. So Madeline went to check the silent auction to see if she won. The mother started complaining that Madeline would leave us. There were some surprising comments and I began to understand a bit more about my friend. Sometimes seeing their mother does that.

My parents are coming up soon for our Algonquin trip!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

running on the edge

Put in a long day at work trying to get the class schedules out. I'm about 1/3 of the way.

Tomorrow is a short day though. Working in the morning. Lunch at the grad club as David is visiting from Bombardier. Then pick up James at his camp. Planning pasta for dinner because it is easy. Then Mady's concert at 7pm at Next. $10 at the door if you can make it!

I expect to have to work Saturday to finish everything up but am getting close now!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Today was a day of highs and lows. Thinking things are under to control to not being under control at all. And that was just the morning. I think things are relatively speaking under control and we made some good strides today.

We had a team lunch at the grad club today. They make very dramatic BLT's so it fit the day.

This week is high intensity high stress so looking forward to vacation next week!

Monday, July 21, 2014


We had our last day of summer orientation today. It is a lot of work, but a lot of fun. At the lunch I thought I recognized a woman there but I didn't think too much of it as I know a lot of people at Queen's and I thought that must be the connection. But after our presentation I saw her again and I knew that I knew her from somewhere. So familiar. I strained my eyes to read her nametag and I saw her name was Wendy. And then it all fit together- she was one of James' teachers at Rideau and now her son is at Queen's. There's a swap for you!

It was an interesting day outside of the orientation, a well mannered fight, lots of course registration fall out. I got caught up on a lot, with a lot yet to be seen.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

horsing around

Today was a pretty busy day getting James ready for camp. At 10am I tuned into World Harvest Church in Ohio where the pastor from 3rd day was speaking. Though I didn't get to see him before I left for Rustle. James went to Cafe with A.J. and stayed with him after to go to his birthday party at a laser tag place. They apparently have a "Bank Vault" challenge with lasers all over the place that you have to avoid. James did the challenge and out of the 2000 tries that have gone through since it opened, he placed 5th on his first try. Hoping this does not mean he has a criminal future breaking into bank vaults!

Anyway, after Rustle Kim came to pick me up so we could work on her homework. She's taking equine courses through Guelph. She didn't do well on her last homework and we figured out it was because she didn't read the instructions very well. I can't believe I can tutor equine courses. Anyway, I convinced her to use the above as her profile picture. She's not boring anymore!

After that I worked more on packing James for camp. Then dinner (tacos) and he had soccer practice then off to camp. It feels weird that he is sleeping in a bed at St. Laurence instead of here, but it will be good for him. Good hockey and good programme. I am hoping he grows a lot!

Friday, July 18, 2014


My friend Kathy is working on trying to save this petting farm full of rescue animals

This weekend is a busy one as there is summer orientation tomorrow and on Sunday afternoon James is going to AJ's birthday party and Kim is coming over to work on her homework. In the evening James has soccer practice and starts his week long hockey camp at St. Laurence College. Fun for him!