Monday, September 15, 2014

still scrambling

I did get 2 good nights of sleep which was an improvement! I had a lot of meetings today so I did not manage to have lunch (sorry Mom!)
I have a number of things backlogged that I hope to catch up on tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

James made the PD hockey team which I think he is quite happy about but a number of his friends didn't make it.

Al sent me this song on Sunday and we sang it a few times at Rustle:

Saturday, September 13, 2014

birds are flying

Tomorrow is the last Sunday that Madyson will be at Rustle for a while. She is spreading her wings. It will be sad because we will really miss her. But happy because she is going on an adventure as she steps toward becoming a soaring eagle.

I worked today and there were a number of other people in as well. The deadline for contracts is Monday so that is high priority. I'll have some of that to do on Monday as well as getting my graders set up to mark the first assignment, I have a few meetings and a training session. So a busy Monday (as always)

I managed to get through quite a bit of my backlogged email today, which was good. I'm not terribly hopeful about getting through more on Monday but hopefully later in the week as things quiet down.
If things quiet down, I should say.

Friday, September 12, 2014

week 1 done

Well, that was the most difficult week of the year done. Yesterday was a very long day at work. Thinking of Jordin and her family during the day as well.

Today was a lot better - I left early-ish- 3pm (early for week 1- I had worked a full day, so it wasn't really early) and mowed the lawn- it was getting a bit shaggy and did some work around the house.

I wondered why there were NO mayoral election signs in Kingston when my parents spoke of the Burch signs in their neighbourhood in their city. I thought to myself that it was that Kingston was much more environmentally conscious but apparently the news indicated that they couldn't put up signs before today. This mayoral race is very easy for me as I know I am voting for Bryan Paterson. I think the biggest competition is Rick Downes. But there are 6 contenders so we'll see how that plays out.

It is supposed to be rainy tomorrow so James' soccer tryouts are cancelled. You'd think it would be better to see how they work in a challenging situation!

I have first aid training tomorrow (not for me)

Conversing with an (almost) teenager- As I looked through James' backpack that he brought home from school:
Me: Where are your gym clothes?
J: Dunno
Me: (not finding them) Are they in your locker at school?
J: (not looking at me) No
Me: Look at me. Are they in your locker at school?
J: (not looking at me) No
Repeat 10x
Finally: Me: Look at me. Look at me. Are they in your locker at school?
J: (looking at me and giggling) Yes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Riding the wave of crises

Well there were a lot of crises that we rode through the last few days and today things were going well. But tomorrow is super busy- I'm booked for 12 hours straight.

We are working in the new Ellis Active learning classrooms and they are a fantastic space to work in. Except the ventilation is very loud.

One Monday I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep, which was very annoying considering I should have been worn out enough to sleep! Yesterday night was good though.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

catch up

I worked today and got a number of loose ends tied up, which was good. I am trying to do as much as I can before Monday because I know after that I'll be behind for a while as things ramp up pretty quickly.
Tomorrow I'll make the project teams for Module 1 and get them sent out as well as attend an event and get everything prepared for our orientation on Monday. Then we have to cross our fingers and hope the week goes well.

I'll look into the Music lending library as well- thanks Jordin!

Friday, September 05, 2014

musical education

James came home with a note from school indicating that he had to play a musical instrument. I was a bit shocked by this as musical instruments were an elective part of my education so this caught me off guard. They take a lot of work and you have to have quite a bit of commitment to it (which I am not sure James has) so I'm a bit worried about that. I'm also not wanting to put all the money into it that they want you to do - the start up kit is like $70 and that doesn't even cover the instrument itself which is $25 per month. James liked the clarinet which is interesting because that is what I played. If I knew he would like it and stick with it, buying it on kijiji would be much cheaper than the rental program the school suggests. But I'm just having a hard time committing to something he has tried once!

super tiring

Today was a lot of fun but more tiring than I thought. We did presentations to the first years and training of TAs. Hopefully we are in good shape for Monday. I'll be working on the weekend to still prepare though. And so it rolls.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

dog spider

If you didn't know this was a prank it would probably scare you:

Today was a good work day. I'm on track for where I need to be. James came and picked me up after school. I had worked late yesterday so I left early today. Tomorrow we have presentations and training sessions. A busy day.

On Big Baby (as Nicole calls it) it is looking like Derrick is on track to win it. We'll see if anyone catches on and evicts him. Frankie is a bit of a loose cannon and if cards fall his way he could walk away with it as well.