Wednesday, July 01, 2015

like a saturday

Today has been a lot like a Saturday.
This is probably good because Saturday won't be like a Saturday. At least like a normal Saturday. James' hockey team has a biking outing planned on Howe Island. This is why we have been in training.

Today I mowed the lawn when the sun peeked out. I hung some laundry out as well during this window. But most of the day was spend doing indoor chores as it was overcast and rainy.

Tonight I think Kim's Church still has a service and Big Bro is on.
Tomorrow evening James' hockey team is doing a bottle drive but I don't know when and where yet. I consider it a bit like the Amazing race. Should be an interesting time anyway.

This holiday in the middle of the week is likely to throw me off for the rest of the week!


It is difficult to believe it is July already!
Today many things are closed but Giant Tiger apparently is open at 9am so I will head there as I didn't do any grocery shopping yesterday in the frenzy that is the day before Canada Day.
James and I did another bike ride yesterday, when it was not raining.
My timing for the walk home from work yesterday was poor as I managed to walk when it was chucking it down with rain.
I haven't had to water my tomato plants in ages. They seem to like the weather.

Monday, June 29, 2015

walk it off

Sometimes James' voice squeaks and he likes to joke that he can "walk off" puberty anytime he likes.

He watched some of the Bach'ette tonight and he was all like "I am so stressed out". It was a stressful episode!


Today is the first day in a long time that I haven't made it through my email! So a busy day!

I finished reading a book called "Make him look good" about a cuban publicist who works for a cuban celebrity and discovers much of her publicity is lies and so he has to decide what to do.

James was in defence hockey camp today. He said the best part was getting to hang out with Nolan. So at least he has a friend there!

Saturday, June 27, 2015


James seems to have rebounded from his cold faster than I did, which is good.

Next weekend his hockey team is having a biking event and as James hasn't rode his bike in some time we decided to go for a bike ride today. He picked it up pretty quickly and we biked around for about 2 hours. James was loving it and keeps wanted to go back out but I am so toast I just want to go to bed. (I haven't biked for a while as well but my rebound is clearly slower than his!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Last minute

It was the last day of school for James today. Last night just before he went to bed he told me that he volunteered me to make muffins for class lunch potluck today. So I got up at 5am to do so!

He's now down with a cold. I guess my cold. Hopefully, he gets over it faster than I did!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


It stormed most of the night I think. Power went off around 5am and came back 7:30am.
Kim texted me just after 5am from Toronto airport because she was supposed to be getting on a plane. Only to find her passport was expired!
James and I wandered the neighbourhood from 7-7:30 to try to figure out of his school had power. (Once we had power back I could see that it did but at the time we didn't know) We decided he would go in and just walk home if the school was closed.
As we were walking around there were some houses with a light on here and there. James suggested they were oil lamps. I suggested that was so 1800's.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

price marking

My routine is to go shopping on Saturday morning at Loblaws. I go to Loblaws because it opens the earliest! Loblaws here can be pricey in some things so I am very careful about what I buy there but there is enough that is priced well that it is worth it to go.

In the past the price "specials" changed on Saturdays and so often these would not be posted yet or old sales were still up, so you had to be quite careful in the shopping. Then they changed the day the specials changed to Friday and recently they have moved it to Thursdays. At the rate they are going they will be back at Saturday again soon.

Anyway, my point is that even though the specials now change on Thursday, the tags may still be wrong on Saturday. And as I memorize the price of everything when I pick it up, I can let the cashier know that things are priced incorrectly. And their policy is that if you find something priced incorrectly, you get it free. So I come home with free stuff every week. (not on purpose- but their tags don't clearly indicate when the sale is over so I don't know) But I think about all the people shopping on Thursday and Friday who were being overcharged and never noticed.

I've been up since 4am so am having my second breakfast (muffins and lemonade) now.

Our community has been hit with some very sad things this week.

5 teenagers were in an accident that was unsurvivable. 2 passed away. 1 is fighting for his life. 2 others are less physically scathed but must have other emotional wounds. The SUV they were driving in was unrecognizable, so that some of them survived is a miracle in itself. I hope the survivors are able to move past this.

1 woman was in a relationship that was unsurvivable, leaving 3 young children without a mother.

Mark's April passed away suddenly this week. Also another death too young.

James' hockey team is having a yard sale to raise money for their trips. We are going to be doing a lot of fund raising this summer. The team is also going on a family bike ride on July 4 so I need to get our bikes in shape. And look for things in the garage to sell!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Mike's retirement

On Wednesday after work was Mike's retirement celebration. It was at the university club and about 1000 people were crammed into a little room. I had been doing better with my cold until then but it made for a long day and then trying to talk to people was making my voice hoarse. So the cold was worse on Thursday. Feeling a bit better today.

I am getting "imperial" service at my bank. They seem to like me.

I hope to do a lot of cleaning tomorrow because I didn't get anything done last weekend. I need a strategic plan.