Wednesday, February 10, 2016


My feet are very dry and and so I have not been so keen to walk places anymore because walking has become a bit of a pain.

For the boy who keeps taking the hits. He was playing ball hockey in gym at school and got slashed:
I saw this comment on the Jian G. case that seems to summarize things:

Tuesday, February 09, 2016


So James got home at 12:30 last night. His team lost 2-0 but they played well. And they don't have to play Clarington, which is a relief for me. (Clarington is known for battering the other team)

Around 4am I heard what I thought was an air raid siren. By the time I actually gained conciousness I realized that it was fire engines. Apparently it was a fire under Anne-Marie's unit. They have electric heating in the floors because the parking garage is underneath her. The insulation around the heating caught fire and was smoldering. But this was not immediately obvious. The firemen had let everyone back into the building before they found the problem.

Thankful for their fire detection system and for firemen who don't give up, everyone in that building is safe, though probably shattered in terms of sleep.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

A scary game

The game today was a scary one with quite a few injuries. In the second period Andrew did a cool turn around pass where he was facing away from their net and shot it behind him. He had no real aim so it was a harmless shot but after he made it one of their guys hit him (and he's just a little guy) and he was down for quite a while.

There was a 10 minute break after the 2nd period while the zamboni was doing the ice. During this time I was praying for Andrew.

When the third period started Andrew was back on the ice and seemed ok.

It was only a few minutes before James was slammed and he was out cold. That was twice in 2 weeks that he has been flat out on the ice. He was better this time and didn't have concussion symptoms but he went to the ER anyway to get checked out. The doctor said he did not think he had a concussion, so that was good.

At the end of the 3rd period Ryan slammed into the boards and he was really out of it and he also went to the ER and his injury had to do with his collar bone. I am not sure either of them are going to be able to skate tomorrow. At first James wanted to but I am not so sure now.

A very stressful day and maybe the last hockey game that I watch!

Back to the hospital

James did really well yesterday- scored a goal in the game that they won 2-1. Both of James' team goals were scored by defencemen. Not quite sure what that means.

But today he got knocked out again, so we are heading to the hospital. Again.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

First mistake looses

Tonight James was back on the ice for their playoff game and he did really well. He was happy to be back, I think.

The two teams are very evenly matched in this series. No goals were scored in the first 2 periods. In the break before the 3rd period the consensus was the first team to make a mistake would loose. But that wasn't how it played out.

Whitby scored a few minutes into the 3rd period on a breakaway where they had 2 forwards on 1 defence. A good clean goal.

About 5 minutes after that Kingston was in a change of shift. So 4 of their players were getting off the ice and one of their players (who had the puck was skating down the ice with it) He had no backup as he was the only Kingston player on the ice (other than the goalie) but he managed to skate through all of their players and score. Sometimes what you don't think is a threat, really is one.

So we were back in a tie and thus it continued until the end of the 3rd. If it was a regular game that would have been the end of it. But as it was a playoff, they have 10 minutes sudden death overtime. And somehow Kingston managed to score. So it was all very exciting!

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

rain due

There is a heavy rain warning for the region. There is nothing here yet but from the radar it looks like it is about to hit belleville soon.

Today I had a vacation day and hung out with Kim and Rachel. I got to carry Rachel's new baby which was really cute. (In one of those baby carriers like a snugli. Rachel put it on me so tight I could barely breathe- but the baby was certainly well wrapped!)

James is hoping to be cleared to play in a playoff game on Thursday. He seems to be doing well. I'll be pretty nervous watching him though!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Happy Birthday Nat!

This little ditty from Weird Al for you:

Hope you had a great day!
(I did manage to send a card, though it may not have arrived yet!)

James' team has started playoffs. However, they are missing almost an entire line due to injuries and suspensions so they lost the first game as they guys who are on are having to work extra hard. Hopefully they do better today. (Even though they are still going to be short)

Friday, January 29, 2016


James went to see the doctor yesterday and she did not clear him for a return to hockey. He can return to practice on Saturday but he can't play yet.

Today there is a search going on in the water for someone who either fell or jumped off the ferry. With the temperature I can't think that the chance of survival at this point is likely.

I did get on top of a lot of my work today, which was good.