Friday, August 28, 2015

Room Assignment

Today all the students were to have received their residence room assignments but the server crashed and they just had some people replying to email, probably thousands! Hopefully they are able to put together a mail merge if they have a spreadsheet.

Another issue is that one of the residences is not done being built yet, so all the people who are excited because they got a *new* building may not be so excited in a week or so.

This means things are in the home stretch. Next week I need to get all the TA contracts in order, finish up the details on the course websites, get solus in order for all the week 1 changes, get all the time management materials together, get all the training planned, check which students that didn't complete the survey may not be attending and make project groups. Just a few things!

The weekend requires lots of work on the house. And Boris has given me the assignment to prepare for the P20 course.

I started reading a new book called "Bethlehem Road Murder". I made it through the first chapter but there is one character that is so negative and annoying that it makes it hard to read the book. The reason I think the author has made the character like that is to show the deep hatred between a number of people groups. But it makes it very tiring to read the book!

I found that Jane Haddam has many books available in the library so I will work on reading through her collection next. I like her writing because though they are murder mysteries there is a lot of humour behind how she writes and they are very complex, even though some trails in the book are dead ends.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


I spent the morning working through my email and the afternoon working on projects at work. I left a bit early as I didn't take lunch and it was a good thing I did as there was a large power outage and I wouldn't have been able to work anyway.

Did some shopping at FB and saw lots of firetrucks heading down Queen st- I think it was a cooking fire.

James had hockey tonight. I worked to catch up on my laundry which got a bit backlogged because of the rainy weather.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

on the shores

I had a dentist appointment to start the day. He gave the thumbs up to my teeth.

Work went well, I got through a backlog of a lot of things.

I had lunch with Tanya which was nice.

There was one sentence in the book that I finished that I really liked. It occurs after a reformed black criminal who now owns a store because the people who ended up being the serial killers (though that isn't known at this point) gave him a break  and his apprentice are discussing the murders and he gets an idea of someone to call out of his comfort zone.
This was one thing he could not have anticipated...Real life seemed to require a lot of taking responsibility for things that most people thought were none of their business.  (Glass Houses, Jane Haddam, p.177)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

ladies dinner

Some of the ladies from work met for a little party for Corrine's birthday. It was a very nice time at Catherine's place. Hers is a pretty new house so I see the challenges of old houses competing on the market. If I had to choose I would take an old house but I don't know that there are a lot of people like that now.

I finished my murder mystery. The annoying character did not have a story arc but instead faded out. The murderer was not the one who confessed at the start but he was involved some aspect of the murders. An interesting book. At one point the main character talks about past serial killers and mentions Karla Homolka, but the book (maybe deliberately?) spelled her name Hrmolka. I was not sure if this was to avoid libel from Karla or if it was a mistake.

Worked on a lot of course registration today. Just a few more weeks.

A update from ITS indicated:
We will bring the link up each afternoon to ensure redundancy overnight should something spectacular happen.

Something spectacular! 


At 2:40am last night I woke to the sound of a rodent doing what sounded like gnawing through the drainpipe. I tried to scare him off from inside. But this was not a rodent who cared. So I had to go outside to drive him off. In the morning I checked for damage but I couldn't find any so my conclusion is that he was sitting on the drainpipe eating a nut and it was echoing through the drainpipe.

I am still reading my murder mystery. Most of the book has focused on the fact that the guy who confessed likely isn't the serial killer. However, now it is turning and it looks like he may be the right guy. There is one oddball character who is a reporter from England (this story takes part in Philadelphia) who keeps making these assumptions about Americans that are unfounded in general but especially in the Armenian neighbourhood the story takes place in. Most of the characters strongly dislike her but so far she hasn't really fit into the story line at all. I expect her story to arc soon as I am nearing the end of the book. Maybe she will be the last murder.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


The car is stabilized. The week was very busy. Lots of meetings. Only a few weeks until the students are back and life gets really busy. (busier than usual at least)

There was a big downpour a couple of days ago:

The downpour washed away the heat from earlier in the week.

I have been enjoying this video:

I finished a murder mystery book starring "Captain Leopold" by an author named Hoch who wrote in the 60s and 70s mainly. The stories were very well written. He had a real gift. I am currently reading a more modern one by Jane Haddam called "Glass Houses" about a serial killer loose in Philadelphia. In the story so far they have arrested a guy but noone really believes he he did it (though he confessed). The book is just starting - looking forward to see where it goes.

A good laundry drying day- 3 loads out!

Monday, August 17, 2015


Apparently, what was wrong with the car was the "stabilizer". Not dangerous, they said, but does make for the jolty ride. They didn't have the part needed so they are ordering it in.

The day was full of meetings, which made the day very full indeed.

I have 2 hours to work on the house before BIP is on TV. Need to do my least liked job of cleaning the bathrooms. So I will earn my tv time.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Kim came back from Tampa where she was visiting Zully's sick sister. Whenever Kim travels she comes back with interesting stories. On her flight back Musta-kim (one of Zully's brothers) was supposed to drive her to the airport a few hours before the plane was due to leave. However Yasmina (one of Zully's sisters) didn't want her to be at the airport so long so she was going to take her instead. However, they couldn't leave until the nurse has been. The nurse was supposed to be there from 7:30-8:00 but instead showed up at 8:30 and was there until 9:05. Kim's flight was due to leave at 10:25 and they close the desk an hour before the flight. They arrived at the airport at 9:30. The Air Canada desk was closed. Kim was about to give up but Zully's sister went back and rapped on the air canada door. There was someone there and she admonished them that the desk closes an hour before the flight, but she did check Kim in.

I finished my book about a girl who goes to Hollywood and knows that so much of it is fake but gets caught up in it all and sucked in. One of the storylines does not resolve by the end so I suppose there will be a sequel. I like all storylines to wrap up at the end to get closure.

Joanne posted that she lived through the tough mudder!

The neighbour's husband passed away this past week. He had been quite ill and in and out of hospital. She hasn't been able to care for him on her own for quite some time so he had been in a home or the hospital for the last few years. This event has caused her children to be here. In all the time I have lived here, the children have not been here. I say children but they are older than me. At any rate, the children live in North Carolina and Alberta so not nearby so not surprising that I hadn't seen much of them.

Tough Mudder

Today Joanne is doing the Tough Mudder in Toronto in support of World RELIEF. She is inspirational in her journey. She'll come back with many stories I am sure.

While she is away being all inspirational, I am going to try to tackle the household mess from the week. I will intersperse it with reading my library book that is due back on Monday.

There is something wrong with the car - I think with the rear driver side wheel or shock or something. It makes for a jolty and noisy ride. It has an appointment Monday morning, so just need to make it through the weekend.