Monday, September 01, 2014

the return

James woke this morning with some worry about tomorrow. He is worried that he won't be able to figure out his lock especially. He wants to go very early tomorrow so he can work on it, though I'm not sure that they get the locks that early in the morning!

I got up at 6am to work on the course websites and they are pretty close to done so that is good. But I made up a list of things that need to be done before Monday and it is very long so I will have to be very efficient!

Went to Giant Tiger in the morning for just a few things. It was quite busy.

I made corn and toasted cheese for lunch.

Caelen and Devon were over today so James had an afternoon workout as they played road hockey, football and mini sticks.

Bach in Paradise tonight - let's see what drama happens next.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Somehow this morning I awoke with the determination to take on my house and by the end of the day it was in much better shape. And I thought to myself, why can't I always do this?

I also prepared the dough to make these cornflake marshmallow cookies

They need to sit in the fridge overnight before you bake them.

The baptism service for Tom was wonderful. I also saw an infant dedication for Silas at Kim's church online that was pretty neat. I watched the evening service there. There are some really good things going on there.

I also read a couple of books this weekend. One was a biography of the author of one of the books I read last week. It was interesting to see the challenges he faced and how God used those challenges to help him to see what his gift was.

Then I read a fiction book "Fly away" by Kristin Hannah about a family that tries to cope with the death of a young mother. So much life in the book, though I cried a lot.

There is a baby grasshopper flying around my room right now. I'll try to help him outside if he survives until the morning.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Tomorrow is baptism service at Rustle. My favorite service of the summer! As I wrote that the rain started.

This morning James saw a squirrel lying on our fence. So I went and grabbed an old package of crackers. James threw one to the squirrel and he immediately took it and ate it. We tossed out some other cracker bits for birds and the squirrel started burying them. It was quite funny to watch. When I came out to the porch a bit later I saw he had left a nut on the ledge that the robin babies were raised on. I take that to mean he likes us. Now I have squirrely friends.

Yesterday, there were some students groups already parading around campus. They seemed to be distinctly orange so I asked Gillian if she knew what group they were. "NDP" was her answer. The majority of the students arrive tomorrow.


James hung his lego guys from the top of the bunk bed in an interesting mobile.

Les' crew patched up my front porch and added eavestrough.

Friday, August 29, 2014

the tree crew came

So after the city came and put up the warning pylons and left, I thought that was the end of it for the night, but no, after a while the city truck came back and there was a tree crew and they cut up and shredded the branch and now traffic is all clear to go again. All within only a few hours. So bonus points to the city crew for fixing it all on the Friday of the long weekend.

I got mail that told me I had to renew my car sticker. It also mentioned that rates were going up $8-$16 after Sept 1. I was like- that's only a few days away! Luckily you can renew them online, which I promptly did!

Today on the way into work I stopped in at James' school and confirmed he was indeed at that school, which apparently he was but the school James left had not enrolled the students properly so it had been a real headache. We'll see how Tuesday goes. I got the handout that told me how much money James needs to bring on the first day as well as all the supplies.

the city came

They joked that it would have to happen on the Friday of the long weekend. They put up cones and then left.
The branch is resting heavily on a power line but it seems to be holding for now.
Hopefully they'll cut it down soon! (the branch not the power line)

la la land

There were 2 episodes of Bach in Paradise in a row (Mon/Tues) and that really is too much for one week. It's like letting a bunch of crazy people live in your house. And you don't want to do that too often.

I finished the book I was reading with the diva and she did improve a bit as the book went on. However, the main male character went on a downward spiral as the book ended, which was an odd way to end it as it is more common for books to end with some redemption and a hope that the characters have grown through the experience.

For some reason this didn't publish when I wrote it on Tuesday so I'm publishing it now!

Tree branch down

A tree branch just fell down on Park St. It's blocking the whole street. The police are coming when they are done their shift change.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


I woke up at 5am and tried to get as much as I could done early as I'm likely most productive.

On the walk in to Rustle I saw a squirrel stop and wait patiently for traffic on Concession before crossing when it was all clear. I was impressed with the little guy!

On the way home from Rustle I was planning on stopping at Giant Tiger to pick up a couple of things. However, when I turned and saw the parking lot, it was completely full. I have never seen it like that! Then as I got closer I saw that there was a line up snaking out of the store. I was surprised that Giant Tiger suddenly became so popular! But for only needing a couple of things, it was not worth it for me to stand in the lineup.

When I got home I tried to figure out what was going on and I learned from their Twitter that Elsa from Frozen was visiting (or a replica person thereof). Apparently not all the kids in line managed to make it in. I suspect it would be hard for those parents to explain that. Hopefully not too many kids were traumatized by the rejection.

1 week until the students arrive on campus.

1 week until the Rustle baptism service.

My computer has been doing some odd ad-like things so I'm running a scan. I blame the boy for probably clicking on something without looking.

I started reading a new book at James' soccer game and one of the characters is very much a diva and it seems very unrealistic to me. But certainly an interesting character!


Apparently California had a major quake about an hour ago. And an iceland volcano is erupting. The Earth is shaking.

As soon as I finished "Blind goddess" I wanted to return it to the library as someone else had reserved it. When I dropped it off I picked up a couple of other books. I didn't realize until this morning, that though they are contemporary books, both of the authors are dead. One died in 2009 at the age of 54 from a heart condition and the other died in 2013 from ovarian cancer at the age of 65. The latter book was published posthumously. I actually finished that one yesterday. (My house is such a disaster reading was a good escape from dealing with it). It was called "The silent wife" and it was a "psychological thriller" about a woman who is a psychologist whose husband of 20 years leaves her for a 20 year old girl. (SPOILER warning- don't continue reading if you plan to read the book) She would have handled that but technically he wasn't her husband as they hadn't been married ever just common law and she was going to loose her house. So she concocts a plan to kill him so she can keep the house. The plan is pretty carefully done and it is executed. She thinks that the police will figure it out arrest her anyway. But in the end they don't - they arrest the father of the 20 year old girl. Apparently he also came up with the exact same plan to kill the guy but hadn't been so careful with the money trail so the police arrest him instead. The characters were pretty interesting and the ending was rather amusing.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

too young

This past week a couple of "young" men have passed away far too soon. One of Jeff's friends- obituary here and there was a strange case of a journalist who left for work and never made it there.

Went shopping in the morning and then finished the book the I was reading "Blind goddess" which was a murder mystery that involved drug smuggling into the higher levels over government. So Justice was the goddess referred to in the title. In the books, the strange cases are almost always solved. But in real life it often doesn't work like that.

I finished my attack on the ant hill, just need to pick up some grass seed to restore the lawn to normal. Hopefully that will work.

I mowed the lawn and had to move some cones from the ground and ended up with a lot of tree sap on my hands. Guess I'm sappy! lol.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In between

Yesterday marked the 2 year anniversary of the death of Omi and tomorrow marks the birthday of Archer. Walking the inbetween today.

Today I had lots of interviews so that took up a lot of my time. Tomorrow I hope to get a lot done. I'm kind of stuck on a couple of things. I can't register more transfer students because all the transfer credits aren't in the system. I can't finish the rescheduling for orientation session because I don't have the room grids that I need. What I will focus on tomorrow is setting up the hiring plan, which is like a giant puzzle that I have to fit together and hope that everything works! And work on a training plan. And updating course websites.

The ants are trying to recover from the shock and awe so I may have to launch a second wave. Then I hope to add dirt and plant grass.