Sunday, September 28, 2014

Candy crush

Yesterday James introduced me to Candy crush. That is indeed an addictive game! I didn't get as much cleaning as I planned to do this weekend. The game was a good excuse not to clean! Doesn't take much though for me to find preferable things to do to cleaning!

At Giant Tiger today I was just picking up bananas and eggs so I didn't take long in the checkout lane. But I noticed one of the other checkout lanes there were 2 ladies checking out a lot of groceries. But apparently they had a fixed amount to spend and they had gone over so they were selecting things to put back. Now if it was just one thing it would be understandable- a slight miscalculation, tax, etc. But they had a huge pile of things they were having to give back. It made me wonder about their life skills if they aren't able to judge how many groceries they can afford. Might help if the shopping carts added the totals up as they went.

Tomorrow I work late as we are running an English Proficiency test. I have D2L training in the morning. I'll need to remember to eat lunch or I won't make it through the day! I see Farm girl is serving butternut squash and apple soup for lunch so I may stop by there. Sounds yummy!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tetris magnets

James made this out of tetris magnets.

Work is still swirlingly high intensity.

I watched the Canadian Bach (which only gets an hour of airtime compared to 2 hours for the American version). This means you don't have a lot of time to learn about the girls. Hopefully the Bach is able to learn more. However, there was a girl who certainly seems a bit emotionally unstable and it is only the second week so we'll have to see how that one goes.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


The good thing about the Princess St. construction is that it is easy to cross Princess St. - no waiting for the traffic to end. The bad thing is it is a maze to get where you are going! This morning I tried to go to Giant Tiger and I knew I had to go behind the bank but I didn't see the entrance to the sidewalk (there were cars parked in front of it) so I walked around the back (an extra block). I know the route now but likely they'll change it tomorrow.

I watched the start of the morning service at Kim's Church. Normally I watch until the prayer part is done. They had a lot of people to pray for today so it went later than usual- normally I leave for Rustle at 10:30 but today I didn't leave until 10:45. I was worried that I would be late. But one should not have these worries with Rustle. I was early. Jared M. spoke today at Rustle. It was really good. He promised we would get our money's worth as we would see a grown man cry. And it was beautiful. Talking about thanking God for the difficult times as well as for the good times. You could see the Spirit moving after the service as well. I'll watch the evening service at Kim's Church tonight.

Today I met one of the contenders for my area's council seats- Jim Neill. I asked some questions and he had some good answers. He thinks that KCVI can still be saved which got him lots of bonus points from me.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


My parents brought up my old clarinet. I cleaned it and it brought back memories as I put it together. It played beautifully. One of the pads had fallen off so there will be some minor attempt at crazy glue, but not bad after 20 years. I'll have to try to teach James how to care for it as he has to use it for his music class.

Squirrels have been playing the Easter bunny around the house:

Hannelore passed away- the passing of an icon from St. Catharines.

Who is taller?

James or Oma?

You are next Grandad!

We had a lovely visit- thank you for stopping over!

Friday, September 19, 2014

open house

Yesterday, James' school had an open house. I found James' missing pants in his locker. He wore them to school over his shorts and only wore the shorts home.

He strategically picked teachers for me to talk to that would like him more if they talked to me. I didn't get to talk to teachers that he thought I would embarrass him to. I thought it went quite well even if it was a strategic game to him. I liked meeting the teachers.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

World traveller

Today was better than yesterday- I took a lunch break and I finished work on time, so good things.

Mady is about to launch into a world traveller. On Sunday we talked about key times during the day tomorrow to pray for her. When we ended our conversation she said "Actually, you can start Wednesday evening"

Be blessed dear Mady, may you have the greatest adventure of your life. May you learn and grow and have your life and love expand!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I'm catching up. I made it through my email today. I ate lunch- a BLT from Timmies with no mayo because I strongly dislike mayo. So things are improving.

We had a training session tonight then I made tacos and watched Big Brother. It was fairly obvious who was going to be evicted and logical. Final 4 now. I'm rooting for Derek!