Sunday, March 29, 2015


On Friday morning, I thought I would walk by the hotel my parents were staying at to see if they were still there as they were due to head off to Montreal.
It had become very cold overnight and the sidewalks were very slippery as there has been some meltwaters on them. As I was walking up Regent St. I slipped but I caught myself and did not end up plummeting to the ground. Interestingly, at that exact moment Anne-Marie looked out her window that over looks Regent and saw me and went "Oh" as she thought I was going down but then she was like -she's ok!
I did find my parents at Tim Horton's and so got to see them before they left.
As I walked from Tim's into work I passed a man heading the opposite direction and I could see in his eyes drugs and pain and at that moment I was happy Rustle exists because that is somewhere he could get help from God if he wanted it.

Saturday I went shopping in the morning and James had a hockey tournament during the day so I went to work and got the interview offers out.

Today Rustle did its Church meeting as the main service. For the big things we talked about -urban missionaries, budget, Sam's direction- there were no questions. But when we talked about food, my goodness you couldn't stop the questions. Food is apparently quite dear to our hearts!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

James laps Oma

James is now taller than Oma!

We had dinner at the Grizzly Grill to celebrate James' upcoming birthday in May.

Yesterday I had lunch from Cards. Chilli, a fresh baked roll, a cookie and a drink all for $5.

Today during the day Drain-All was here for a long time. They made a big hole in the neighbours yard. The stuck a huge vacuum hose down. Maybe the sewer line was plugged. They haven't filled in the hole yet, so they may not be done!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


James planned out a routine for the first day back to school after March break. He didn't keep to it, but he was far more organized than usual and we made good time getting in.

I didn't get to much of the work I had planned today because lots of other things crept up.

I didn't do any more essay reviews tonight because I watched the new Big Brother Canada. There seemed to be a lot more oddballs this year. The girls seem doomed. I'm guessing the guys are going to align like they have every season?

Saturday, March 21, 2015


It is snowing here :(

Friday, March 20, 2015

I won an award!

Though I am not sure for what. And I only heard about it anecdotally. But I am proud of it!

I have been busy marking essays, with more to review over the weekend.

Tomorrow is March Break Open House so I will be at work!

Sunday, March 15, 2015


I experimented baking challah bread today. I baked it with cinnamon on top which is not very traditional. But it was yummy!

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Today I went with Kim and her mom to a tea at Cafe Church hosted by Rachel. I met Rachel's mom and she has many of the same mannerisms as Rachel. I also met a lady who had attended a service at Next only once and the service was the Rustle commissioning service about 10 years ago. That was fun. She also knows Johnny M, who I babysat for his family about 20 years ago.

I think Kim's mom had a good time. She talked a lot and I don't think she gets to do that much. She worries a lot too, but she seems to be doing ok!