Sunday, November 22, 2015

Was was

For those who appreciate a good Margaret Thatcher joke.

Last night there was a big windstorm. It was supposed to hit at midnight but instead it was 3am that it seemed to peak. Woke me up as all sorts of things were blowing around.

It had died off in the morning and I headed off to Loblaws to pick up a few things and then off to Rustle. Brandon did a great job explaining the Lectionary and leading an introspective time. Looking forward to entering year C.

Headed home, cleaned my desk and vacuumed.

James' team won the final in his tournament this weekend. He was quite pleased.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


This has been the song that I have been listening to this week:

As I walked into work today, one house had a chicken and a rooster in the front lawn searching for bugs in the leaves. They were pretty close to the road but seemed happy enough in the leaves. I would think it is probably getting too cold to have them outside for long.

Our open house went well, lots of good questions and our students do a fantastic job helping out. I had a chicken taco for lunch + a muffin and it was pretty filling so I only had crackers and cheese for dinner.

They are apparently worried about one of the terrorists from the Paris attacks being in Brussels and they have shut down the city, though from all the reports it seems to indicate if he was going to Brussels he has been there for a week. And they seem to have known that for a week, so there must be something else going on for them to heighten the terror alert, but from what I have read I'm not sure what. But very interesting that one man can hold a nation hostage.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Essay week

This week was my big week with the extra course I work on. All the marked essays were posted yesterday, so that was good.

Today James left for a tournament in TO but he forgot to hand something in to his teacher yesterday so I stopped by the school to drop it off.

The office at his school is the most welcoming office ever. As I step in, Joanne the school admin, who is on the phone says "I am so glad you stopped by". She could say that because she was listening to a message. As I saw she was on the phone I didn't say anything but I was puzzled because I didn't know why she was glad I dropped by. Did she know I was coming? Anyway I decided she was just being friendly. I listened to the message she was leaving and she was leaving a message for Ingrid about Finn. So when she got off the phone, I told her that Finn was with James. But she needed to hear it from the parents, so she had to keep calling. It was funny that was the time I dropped by.

Anyway, then I dropped off what I needed to (which she was again very appreciative of) and went on to work.
I had to do a lot of running when I arrived as the studio needed things. Then I had some meetings and tried to get through my email. (I had Thursday off to work on the essays so my email got backlogged)

I had a special lunch today as Gillian and Paula and Katherine and I went out to the creperie. We had a lot of good conversation. The 3 of them shared some lunch crepes, while I had an interesting "Canadian" panini- peameal bacon, scrambled eggs, tomatoes and cheese. Quite unexpectedly yummy! Then for dessert we had a special pear crepe that we split 4 ways. Scrumptious!

Saturday, November 14, 2015


James' team played Pickering today. James' team is clearly improving. At the start of the season they only had one guy who could make breakaways and now they have a few more. They also had some issues with defence but they are doing much better now. There was one goal that Pickering got that they may not have if James was on the ice as he is very good at positioning and keeping breakaways in check. Pickering has a girl on their team and I noticed that the boys don't slam her like they do each other. She doesn't slam them either. One of the Pickering team was badly injured though, he moved to avoid a check but managed to get pushed into the board at an odd angle and they thought he had broken his collar bone. He was in a lot of pain. James' team won fairly convincingly.

I got a lot done around the house today. Hope to get some marking done tomorrow.

Friday, November 13, 2015

The wind blows

I didn't go into the office today so had a lower key day. I am trying to do some marking for the P20 course.
I have a lot of cleaning to do but couldn't get inspired.

For those who knew Omi, I have a recording of her from a number of years ago when she called to wish me happy birthday. You can download the clip here:
Hopefully that works!

If I were in Toronto I would attend this:

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I have had a nasty bite on my leg for 4 days. It is not itchy, so not a mosquitoe, I am guessing my nemesis the spider is after me (Marlene, save me!). It has been a huge bump and very red for days. It only seems to have started going down a bit today. I guess the spiders know how much I make fun of them and have started to retaliate.

So, assuming the bite gets better, my work has been a blur of group issues and trying to get teams sorted out. I think I need to watch the Dalek relaxation video again:

Sunday, November 08, 2015


I finished my latest murder mystery read- Hardscrabble Road. It was hard to tell who the murderer was because you knew it was a tall thin man, but there were a lot of them in the story! The author that I am working through- Jane Haddam- always seems to tackle another issue along with the murder mystery and this one was looking at homelessness. The murderer ended up being someone who was very rich but overzealous in trying to combat homelessness. This is a quote from the guy who ended up being the murderer "He just didn't understand why every single person in the city of Philadelphia didn't rise up and demand that something be done about these people who couldn't feed or house themselves, who died in the cold, who died in spit and blood and vomit."
It was a compassionate look at the issues facing the homeless what weaved around the murder mystery.

I have had this Taylor Swift song stuck in my head today: