Monday, March 02, 2015


The women tell nothing show really did tell nothing useful. Britt seems to still lack any self understanding of her actions so I'm hoping she is not the next B'ette. Kelsey grew on me a little bit as did Ashley S. Kaitlyn stayed about the same. It will be interesting to see who they select as the B'ette for the next series. Kaitlyn seems the least problematic road to travel down.

I got some papers marked. I'm up to "S". Baked some brownies. Did some laundry. Washed some dishes. But have not cleaned the house in a few weeks. You win some, you lose some!


I worked very hard at trying to get through my email today (Mondays are always the busiest)and just managed to get done in time to run out for my dentist appointment.

They wanted to do some work on one of my teeth so they froze me. It all seemed to go well, but I am still frozen.

Going to do some marking now and then watch the Bach at 8. It is the women tell nothing episode.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

partly cloudy

I watched this clip this morning and then at Rustle it seemed to fit in to the message from Al and Karen "Don't run from suffering, embrace it...self help is no help at all, self sacrifice is the way"

In the evening I went to Kim's Church for a service they had on current world issues

It was quite interesting but the best part happened after the service as I had reunions with some old friends- Jenny and Janice. Jenny I see every few months and we catch up but Janice I last saw at her wedding shower and that was over 10 years ago. So it was all good!

Saturday, February 28, 2015


I went to Loblaws this morning. Last night I read the flyer that came in the mail and there were a couple of sale items I wanted to pick up. When I got there the items that I thought would be on sale were not, so I just went with the prices that were showing on the shelves. However, the issue seems to have been that the pricing guy did not reprice the shelves so sale shelf prices did not match the computer (unless it was the same for both weeks). The thing is all their prices should have changed on Friday so don't know why things were still incorrect. Anyway the results was I got $5 of free groceries, but I spent $2.50 more than I would have if I had bought the flyer sales so I gain of $2.50 for me.

I saw some really cute girls dresses today and though of Abigail but they only started at size 6 so she has a few years to go. I would have bought them for myself if they were in a bigger size. They had winter jackets on sale for $10 so I picked one up for James because his jacket that he has been wearing is too small for him (probably by a few sizes). He'll probably grow out of this one by next winter but for $10 that isn't a bad deal- this will take him through March at least!

I am trying to find balance in my plans for today. I need to clean the house and I have some essay marking to do. We'll see how the day goes.

Also funny story about snow:

Friday, February 27, 2015


I spent most of today in interviews for our summer student positions. We had some fantastic interviews so that made for a good day.

Next week we start interviewing for our positions for next year but also I have a lot to do for the course running now + timetabling due at the end of the week, so next week will be busy as well. Hopefully it gets better after that. This weekend I have to try to finish my marking for the essay course. I tried to quit for next year but Boris wasn't too keen on that. I will try harder.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


This week the creep of work has been strong. This week is the week of discipline selection, the drop deadline, the second term of J section beginning, interviews for summer students and applications for Project managers for next year, and making sure project managers for this year know what is going on. I have some ideas for what to make better for next year.

I pushed some things earlier this year so it is my own fault for the creep of work getting to me, but it means I hope that March will be better!

James found survivor on last night (I had forgotten it was the first episode)so that was interesting. Weird the guy who ate the scorpion. He probably should have tried to cook it first. But it made good tv.

This is the song that has been in my head this week

Monday, February 23, 2015

Good and bad

Today was a day of highs and lows. One student gave me a very sweet card thanking me for help, another student had received some devastating news and shared it with me. It was a day like that.

I had hoped to send out interview invites today but there ended up being no time. Too many meetings and too much email.

Watched the Bach tonight. Interesting about the clips they chose to show of each of the dates. For Kaitlin they don't show that they had the discussion of her moving to Arlington but she clearly had that discussion as it is alluded to a number of times later. That might have been a useful conversation to show. Chris also says he is sure about one rose but the other one he is not sure about. Sounds like his mind is already made up. One rose to rule them all.

James asked me to tuck him into bed tonight. Which was all "awww" but he qualified it by saying that if there was someone else who could do it better he would ask them. In other words, first place with not much competition. He is my favorite son as well.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


This morning I went down to St. Mary's to Skype Christine into Rustle. She had a good time. She is a lot more mobile now and hopes to be able to attend in person soon.

The temperature was not too cold and out in the sun it was quite nice to be out. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold again though :(

While I should have been marking essays instead I finished a library book I had "The Perfect Mother" by Nina Darnton. It is about a mother whose "perfect" daughter is involved in a murder while on exchange in Spain. So the mother finds out that she didn't really know her daughter at all.